TQP Development LLC continues its patent litigation spree

TQP Development LLC continues its patent litigation spree. TQP has strong connections with IP Naviation. TQP has filed over 100 cases using a single patent US5,412,730. The first case was filed in Dec, 2008 and the most recent case was filed in Oct, 2012. The patent teaches using a shared seed value to generate pseudo-random key values at a transmitter and a receiver.


All cases have been filed in the Eastern District of Texas and none of the cases have gone to trial so far.  Moreover, some defendants have already settled, whereas some are still litigating. TQP may continue its litigation spree further, since,’730 patent has already survived a reexamination by USPTO in 2011. USPTO found the ‘730 patent (2 original claims + 7 new claims) to be patentable over the new prior art cited. After the successful reexamination in 2011, TQP sold Covenant Not to Sue (CNS) via ICAP patent brokerage. A CNS is an agreement, prepared by a patent holder that comprises a promise not to sue the counterparty for infringement of some or all of the patent holder’s patents.


Although, the ‘730 patent expired on May 2, 2012, yet TQP can assert patent for another 6 years as per ‘running period’ allowed under 35 U.S.C. § 286. PatentBlast analysts expect further litigations on ‘730 patent.