Filed on : April 18, 2012

Type: Complaint for Patent Infringement

Court : U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas

Presided by: no judge yet assigned

Civil Action No: 4:12-cv-00230

Defendants :

1. Conversant Technologies, Inc.

2. Dsi-Iti LLC

3. Value-Added Communications, Inc.

4. Global Tel*Link Corporation

5. Public Communications Services, Inc.

6. Sip*Link

Plaintiffs :

Howlink Global LLC — represented by
Capshaw DeRieux LLP; Gladewater, TX
Attorneys: Elizabeth L. DeRieux

Patents in Suit :

US 7,876,744
Title: Method for collect call service based on VoIP technology and …
Inventor: Kwon
USPC #370/353
Prosecuted by Echelon Law Group, PC


Howlink Global v. Global Tel*Link et. al.

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