SmartFit Solutions v. PaceMaster et. al.

Filed on : September 14, 2011

Type: Complaint for Patent Infringement

Court : U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas

Presided by: no judge yet assigned

Civil Action No: 6:11-cv-00487

Defendants :

1. Fitness Unlimited

2. Winston Fitness Equipment, Inc.

3., Inc. dba Smooth Fitness

4. FreeMotion Fitness, Inc.

5. Fit Supply, LLC

6. Busy Body & Fitness

7. Equinox Holdings, Inc.

8. Horizon Fitness, Inc.

9. Precor Incorporated

10. Advanced Fitness Group

11. Vision Fitness

12. Nautilus, Inc.

13. BH North America Corp.

14. Life Fitness International Sales, Inc.

15. SportsArt, Inc.

16. Cybex International, Inc.

17. ICON Health & Fitness Inc

18. Body Works Fitness Equipment, Inc.

19. Star Trac Strength, Inc.

20. PaceMaster, LLC

21. Fitness Equipment Services, LLC, d/b/a Sole Fitness

22. Life Span Fitness

23. True Fitness Technology, Inc.

24. Fitness Group of Texas, LLC dba Hest Fitness

25. Fitness in Motion dba FitCorpUSA, Inc.

26. Eclat, Inc.

Plaintiffs :

SmartFit Solutions, LLC — represented by
Navarro Huff, PLLC; Dallas, TX
Attorneys: Arthur Isaac Navarro

Patents in Suit :

US 6,626,800
Title: Method of exercise prescription and evaluation
Inventor: Casler
USPC #482/8