Toshiba & Samsung Argue – Technology Evolves, Patent Claims Don't

Judge Steve C. Jones entered a Markman Order (full order here) in the dispute between Synchrome Technology Inc. (“Synchrome”), as plaintiff, and Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (“Toshiba”), and Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.(“Samsung”), as defendants.  The Court construed the disputed terms of U.S. Patent No. 6,304,925 (the ‘925 patent), titled “Method and Apparatus for Allowing Communication Between a Host Computer and At Least Two Storage Devices Over a Single Interface.”  The patent issued on October 16, 2001, claiming priority to November 13, 1990.

Judge Jones’ Order assesses the parties’ positions on seven disputed claim terms where Synchrome seeks to ensure that its patent claims cover evolving technologies within the claim language and Toshiba and Samsung seek to ensure that the patent is not extended to technologies unknown to the person or ordinary skill at the time of the original invention.

 Reference: Toshiba & Samsung Argue – Technology Evolves, Patent Claims Don’t