Unified Messaging Solutions

Unified Messaging Solutions is a Texas based entity having offices in Frisco, Texas and Newport beach, California. UMS has filed litigation cases against 70 odd companies, which include the likes of Facebook, Google, and Intuit. UMS is primarily using 5 patents covering web-based communication services, including webmail services for targeting these 70 companies. Litigation cases have been filed across the U.S. and a number of law firms have been engaged by UMS for the litigation. Illinois north district court witnessed the maximum action followed by courts in Texas, Florida, Delaware, and New York. UMS has requested jury trial in the litigation cases.

Interestingly, all the patents used in litigation are not assigned to UMS. A quick check at the assignment database revealed that the assignment now lies with a company called Advanced Messaging Technologies and the ownership transaction happened way back in 2010. So, it would be interesting to see who gets what at the end of it, and how UMS and AMT plan to split the pie, if successful. One more fact, which may delight some of the readers is that renowned NPE Acacia owned some of these patents before assignment rights were transferred to UMS.

All the patents have a gentleman, Charles Bobo II from J2 communications, as the sole inventor. Looking at the claims, the technology area, period of filing, and the competitive landscape, PatentBlast analysts believe that some of the claims will not be able to standup to an invalidity search. There are high chances that either scope of the claims will be limited drastically or the claims would get invalidated post a rigorous reexamination. It all depends now on how the defendants take this item forward.

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