Vringo v. ZTE: DHC vacates injunction against ZTE

As a background, Vringo had filed two different law suits against ZTE.  One law suit was filed by Vringo / Vringo Infrastructure Inc.  against ZTE India, and Xu Dejun in November 2013 (“Nov. law suit”), and we had covered this law suit in our post in great detail.  The Nov. law suit alleged that ZTE had infringed Vringo’s Indian patent 243980 (’980 patent).  The ’980 patent relates to provisioning for a mobile station operable with a network and a packet data serving node.  An injunction was granted on Nov. 8, which injunction was later removed, and we had covered it in our post.   When the injunction was vacated, ZTE was asked to pay bond of approximately $800,000 and provide accounting by way of affidavit.  This post deals with another law suit filed by Vringo against ZTE for infringing Indian patent 200572 patent.  Justice V.K. Shali in an eloquent decision that covered the factors involved in a patent litigation for an injunction, patented technology and the non-infringement position, expert affidavit filed by Vringo, vacated the injunction against ZTE. Very long post follows.

 Reference:  Vringo v. ZTE: DHC vacates injunction against ZTE