Automated Patent Drafting

Patent Blast is the first patent drafting software that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to generate patent drafts that go beyond what a human can do in a reasonable time

How it Works


Prepare Method Claims in MS Word


Use our Patent Writing Software to Automatically Generate Full Patent Draft from Method Claims


Review Highlighted Sections in the Automatically Generated Draft


Incredible Support for Additional Embodiments

Patent Blast generate extensive definitions and examples of various claim terms providing support for additional embodiments

Automated Specification Preparation

Patent Blast generates high-quality 30-50 page patent specifications from 3-6 pages of claims

Automated Drawing Preparation

Patent Blast automatically generates flowcharts and block diagrams based on claims. The drawings are generated in Microsoft Visio

Increasing the Value of Patents

The drafts generated by PatentBlast expand the scope of the claims, thereby covering broader technology landscape and increase value of patents


Automate Repetitive Tasks

Patent Blast automates mechanical aspects of patent drafting. This helps save 50-80% time on preparing utility patent drafts.

Automated Claim Conversion

Quickly convert method claims to system claims, or method claims to CRM claims and vice versa

Proofread Patent Drafts

Incorrect figure numbers, Term consistency, Erroneous claim numbering, Grammatical errors, Errors in claim dependencies, missing claims, enablement requirement, etc.

Increase Chances of Patent Grant

The drafts generated by PatentBlast generate multiple fall back positions during prosecution.

Advantages for

Patent Law Firms

Improve Bottom Line

Increase revenue by using Patent Blast to generate more drafts per month

Reduce Costs

Save resources on generating specifications and drawings

Enhance Productivity

Generate more drafts per month with the same team

Happier Clients

Happier Clients



Value Addition

Value addition

Advantages for

In-House Legal Teams

Beat Competitors

Beat competitors

Cover More Ground

Cover more ground

Broader IP Portfolio

Broader IP Portfolio

Reduce Costs

Save resources on generating specifications and drawings

Enhance Productivity

Generate more drafts per month with the same team

Value Addition

Value addition

Commercial Benefits

Less time spent

Less Time Spent

Spend around 60-90% less time in generating full utility patent applications

High-Quality Drafts

Patent Blast generates high-quality drafts. The in-built proofreading tool helps quickly review the draft to reduce errors


Generate More Drafts
(Bottom Line)

Patent Blast helps you generate more high quality patent drafts in a given time. This helps in increasing revenue


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Patent Blast helps patent attorneys and patent agents generate high-quality specifications and drawings. Our Automated Patent Drafting software, not only automates the specification and drawing generation processes, it also adds value to the draft by including definitions for various claim terms.

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