Patent drafting software

The most widely used patent drafting software includes Microsoft Word along with Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Powerpoint for drawings.

Microsoft Word is generic word processing software. It is a very powerful tool to prepare high-quality documents. However, it does not provide any additional assistance to patent attorneys and agents while drafting patent applications.

Patent Blast is an AI-driven smart software plugin for Microsoft Word. Patent Blast makes Microsoft Word “smart” and enhances its capabilities to assist patent attorneys and agents while drafting patent applications.

The key underlying technology that powers Patent Blast patent drafting software is a robust Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine.

Once, patent attorneys and agents prepare claims in Microsoft Word. They can use various tools provided by Patent Blast to perform the following tasks::

  • Proofread claims (check antecedents etc.)
  • Automatically convert claims (system to method, method to CRM, etc.)
  • Automatically generate full specification
  • Automatically generate drawings
  • Automatically generate definitions and examples of various claim terms. This helps in:
    • Providing support for additional embodiments
    • Assisting in meeting the enablement requirement
    • Expanding the scope of the claims (since US doctrine of equivalents is effectively dead)

Generating multiple fall back positions during prosecution