Cheap patent drafting

The first impression really counts at the USPTO. It is best to file a well-drafted patent application at USPTO to reduce the future costs.

Automatically generate drawings and specifications

Patent Blast is the first tool that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to generate patent drafting software that goes beyond what a human can do in a reasonable time.

Patent Blast is designed to process manually drafted claims, automatically generate alternate claim sets, automatically generate specifications and drawings. This reduces the effort to draft software based patent applications by over 70%. This leads to considerable savings.

Fewer rejections from patent examiner

In most cases, the first response from the patent examiner results in all of the patent claims filed being disallowed. The patent examiners disallow claims when the substance of the patent claims being sought is deemed to be unallowable under 35 U.S.C. 101, 102, 103 and/or 112.

The drafts generated by Patent Blast generate multiple fall back positions that can help in overcoming rejections.

Each time a rejection is received, considerable time and resources are spent in preparing a suitable response that will successfully overcome a rejection. If a well-drafted application is filed, it can reduce the number of rejections received for a particular case. Patent Blast generates high-quality drafts.

Fewer objections from patent examiner

If the form of the claim (as distinguished from its substance) is improper, an “objection” is made. Patent examiners raise objections based on the rules related to patent procedures.

Typical objections that can be remedied easily, however, they can cause unnecessary delays.

Patent Blast generates high-quality drafts, which reduces the changes of objections being raised by the examiner.

Shorter patent prosecution cycles

The drafts generated by Patent Blast lead to fewer number of rejections and objections, which shortens the patent prosecution cycles, thereby saving time, effort and money.

Increased chances of grant

Patent Blast generate extensive definitions and examples of various claim terms providing support for additional embodiments

The drafts generated by Patent Blast generate multiple fall back positions during prosecution.

This increases the chances of grant considerably.

Overall, Patent Blast helps reduce costs involved in drafting and prosecuting patent applications.

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