Automated Patent Drafting

The number of patent filings has almost doubled in the last 20 years. This has led to a dearth of available qualified draftsmen. There is a need for automated patent drafting solutions that can generate high-quality patent drafts to meet the increasing demand. However, the conventional automated patent drafting solutions do not produce acceptable content.

Patent Blast is a next-gen automated patent drafting solution that makes it possible for patent attorneys and agents to quickly create high-quality applications. In just a couple of minutes, the automated patent drafting solution converts 2-4 pages of claims into 20-40 page full patent specification along with drawings.

Patent Blast has been developed by a team with the cumulative experience of drafting over 10,000 patent applications. The automated patent drafting solution uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and Natural language processing (NLP) to generate high-quality patent applications. 

The key benefits of Patent Blast are:

·       Automated drawing preparation

·       Automated specification preparation

·       Automate repetitive tasks

·       Considerable time savings

·       Incredible support for additional embodiments

·       Convert claims

Patent Blast is a USPTO compliant patent drafting tool that helps patent attorneys and agents to focus on drafting claims. The automated patent drafting solution proofreads the claims for errors like antecedent basis and then generates polished specification drafts. It is a robust tool that helps users meet the requirements of clients operating in varied domains.

The patent attorneys and agents can customize the automated patent drafting solution to their style by controlling the structure and the appearance of their patent drafts. Patent Blast is fully secure as it works on users’ computer systems. The patent drafts do not leave the computer environment of the users.